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Equatorial Guinea



The European Commission does not have a permanent delegation in Equatorial Guinea and the management and implementation of EU aid is done by the delegation in Gabon. At the moment, Equatorial Guinea is not eligible to receive funds from the 10th EDF.

EU Aid programmes

See details of EU aid

  • Programmes currently under way:
  • Programmes planned for the near future
  • How the EC funds ACP programmes

See calls for tender/proposals:  as a potential contractor, you can search current calls for tender and calls for proposals for EU aid

Country strategy

The European Commission’s co-operation strategy in each country sets the priorities for its aid programmes.

Find out more about the EU strategy:

- Priority sectors for EU aid (e.g. health)
- Amounts for each sector in Equatorial Guinea and in other ACP countries

Other sources of information

Information on trade and external relations with the ACP region can be found on the websites of the Websites of the Directorate-General for Trade and the EU External Action Service.

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