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Cuba is the largest island of the grouping of the Caribbean, situated west Hispaniola island. 

The HDI for Cuba is high, at 0,780, which means that Cuba ranks 59th out of 187 countries with data. The average lifespan exceed 79 years, the literacy rate is 99.8% and the infant mortality rates of 4.7% per 1000 live births.

Cuba is situated in the hurricane belt and frequently suffers severe impacts from hurricanes or tropical storms. The island was severely hit by three hurricanes in 2008. Climate change may be increasing the frequency and strength of the hurricanes that affect Cuba.

Cuba has been a member of the ACP group since 2000, although is not signatory of the Cotonou Agreement.


Aid programmes

The Country Strategy Paper for Cuba (2011-2013) presents the strategic framework for the cooperation between the European Commission (EC) and Cuba. The EC’s total allocation (2011-2013) foreseen for Cuba under the EU Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI) is € 20 million.

Three priority sectors have been identified for this Country Strategy Paper, namely:

  • Food security: The main priority of this component is to contribute to the continued and sustainable economic and social development of Cuba, in particular supporting production and diversification of Cuban agriculture in a sustainable way.
  • Environmental and adaptation to climate change: In line with national efforts to adapt to climate change, the general objective of the sector intervention is to contribute to improve environmental sustainability and resilience of economic investments in particular in rural areas.
  • Expertise exchanges, training and studies: In Cuba's efforts to address the key challenges ahead, exchanges of expertise and best practise with European counterparts will be of particular interest.

These funds can be complemented by projects and programmes financed under the DCI and EDF regional programmes, as well as from DCI thematic programmes and other cooperation instruments of the EU.

Other sources of information:

The Directorate-General for Development is responsible for drawing up the Cooperation Strategy with Cuba pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] .

More information on EU relations with Cuba is available on the pages of the Delegation of the European Union to Cuba.

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