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MDG Initiative

Launched in 2010 at the MDG Summit in New York, the €1 billion MDG Initiative aims to foster speedier progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It combines targeted funding for the most off-track goals and performance-based funding focusing on countries that have successfully implemented aid.

The additional funding for projects targeting the most off-track MDGs is made available to reduce hunger and child mortality, secure better maternal health and improve sanitation facilities in 36 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. This allocation, adopted in December 2011, amounts to €700 million.

The initiative mobilises money from the 10th European Development Fund (EDF). Clear indicators were set to ensure that the projects trigger results on the ground.

Zambezi Valley, Mozambique © EC/ECHO/Borja Cuervo Alonso

Examples of funded projects

Relieving hunger (MDG 1)

  • Haiti: To ensure increased and stable agricultural supply while improving access to food for the poorest households, the EU will support local producers and invest in agricultural infrastructure.
  • Mozambique: Chronic food insecurity is to be reduced by increasing agricultural production and the availability of nutritious food. Actions include programmes for the supply of seeds to smallholder farmers and for the distribution of nutritious food to pregnant and lactating women.

Reducing child mortality (MDG 4)

  • Rwanda: The EU provides funding for the national ‘One cup of Milk per Child’ programme. This school milk programme provides milk to children in nursery and primary schools to address the country's severe child malnutrition problem.

Improving maternal health (MDG 5)

  • Ghana: To reduce maternal mortality, the EU supports national authorities in improving access to emergency obstetric services, deliveries assisted by healthcare professionals and family planning.

Improving access to sanitation (MDG 7)

  • Samoa: The EU supports an initiative helping the poorest to access safe water through rainwater harvesting and improved sanitation facilities.

The implementation of most projects is scheduled to kick off before the end of 2012.

The performance-based component of the MDG Initiative will provide €300 million as a reward to 18 well-performing countries. The funding is currently in the process of being allocated in the framework of the 10th EDF Mid-Term Review.

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