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Electoral Assistance

The Commission has been developing a strategic approach on electoral assistance that favours long-term involvement and takes into consideration the full electoral cycle. The focus is placed on the support to the institutional capacity of Electoral Management Bodies (EMB) and the long-term needs of civil society, rather than supporting ad hoc projects aimed at specific electoral events.

EU electoral assistance has, in the last five years, accounted for close to €400 million, delivering capacity-building and technical and material support to electoral processes in more than 40 countries.

The Commission’s Methodological Guide on Electoral Assistance pdf - 7 MB [7 MB] is part of the ongoing effort to place electoral assistance more firmly within the framework of democratic development and to become a pillar of the support to governance. The Guide develops the strategic operational framework in the field of electoral assistance, in order to rationalise and make Commission interventions more homogeneous, effective and in harmony with overall EU objectives.

This Guide was prepared to offer all Commission staff and others whose work requires specific knowledge of particular EU electoral assistance issues a tool to assist them with the policy and strategic framework in this area, issues and entry points for activities, as well as resources for their formulation and implementation.

It will be available in French, Spanish and Portuguese in 2008.


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