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Drawing competition 2010

14 young children coming from different countries all over the world have been selected, by a peer jury of children from the European School of Brussels, as final winners of the international drawing competition on gender equality, which was launched by the European Commission on the International Women's Day, 8 March 2010.

Collage of some of the winners

Winners 2010

Since the launch of the competition, the European Commission received 26.080 drawings. Most importantly the competition promoted the participation of 49.709 children from 1.641 schools and community centres.

61 countries from seven regions of the world have participated and more than 600 drawings were selected and sent to Brussels for final selection.

The 14 overall winners have been selected by a jury of 50 children from European School of Brussels I (Belgium).

The winners will be showcased in an exhibition the 9th November 2010 at the Musée des Enfants in Brussels (Belgium).

The winners will also be awarded a prize of €1,000 each, which will be used to buy books, computers, pay for school or library fees or other education materials.

This year's overall winners per region are: (See the photo gallery)


• Khushil Nagda, 9 years, Kenya.

• Ramboasalama Iderana Ny Andrianina, 10 ans, Madagascar.

• Mabvuto Zimba, 10 years, Zambia.

• Asna Rashid, 10 years, Kenya.


• An Usa, 8 years, Cambodia.

• Abdullah Abid, 10 years, Pakistan.

Caribbean and Pacific

• Shara Yoselyn Medrano Silva, 10 years, Dominican Republic.

• Ayesha Simran Chand, 9 years, Fiji.

European Neighbourhood

• Tajana Dodov, 10 years, FYROM.

• Olga Chemachenko, 9 years, Ukraine.

Latin America

• Andulce Chacón Camila Micaela, 10 years, Bolivia.

• Enrique Suárez Estrada, 10 years, Mexico.

Mediterranean and Middle East

• Lila Ghezaili, 10 years, Algeria.

• Mohammad Izzo, 10 years. Syria


International Women's Day is celebrated on 8th March every year and dates back to protests in the early 20th century, where women called for better working conditions and the right to vote. The day was made official by the United Nations in 1977. It is celebrated on an international scale as an opportunity to assert equality between women and men, and to take stock of the situation of women.

The principle of equal treatment between women and men has always been an integral part of the EC Treaty and is now incorporated into all EU policies. The Commission also endeavours to incorporate a gender dimension into its development co-operation policy.

The International Drawing Competition on gender equality has been run by the Commission since 2007 with great success. The Competition aims to mobilise and raise the awareness of both children and adults around the issue of gender equality as well as giving EU Delegations the chance to involve the relevant national and local authorities in the planning and implementation of the competition, in close collaboration with local schools.

Children from Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Latin America, Mediterranean and Middle East, other European Countries including the Eastern Neighbours of the EU and Pacific islands will send their drawings to EU Delegations, for a first pre-selection. The final selection will then be made by a jury of European children of the same age range, in one of the European schools in Brussels.

The 2009 edition welcomed the participation of HRH Princess Mathilde as patron of the competition attending the selection ceremony at the European school in Brussels on the 23 June 2009.

Competition documents

Information Brochure for Schools pdf - 129 KB [129 KB] español (es) français (fr) português (pt) (versions in English, French Spanish and Portuguese.)

Rules of the competition pdf - 21 KB [21 KB] español (es) français (fr) português (pt) (versions in English, French Spanish and Portuguese.)



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