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EU policy on health in developing countries

Improving health in developing countries is essential to reduce poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) , three of which directly relate to health:

EU policy on health and poverty reduction in developing countries focuses on:

  • helping developing countries to strengthen their healthcare systems
  • providing specific support for action on the main public health challenges in developing countries.

EU policy on Global Health

1st EU Global Health Seminar,  27-29/06/2011
The European Commission and the EU Member States are organising the "First European Union Global Health Seminar: Putting the EU Global Health Policy into Practice" from 27th to 29th June, 2011 in Brussels.

The global factors affecting health - challenged by the globalization ,- require a coherent approach of internal and external policies and strategies. In view of those challenges, the Commission has adopted a Communication on " The EU role in Global Health " (31-03-2010).

The EU Commission regularly hosts a Global Health Forum, giving the opportunity for external participants to dialogue with the Commission, to receive updated information on the Global Health agenda and to make short presentations on their views, activities, and priority issues related to global health. See the presentations from the forum of 9-9-2010 .

Specific priority areas

The EU has taken action to address the critical shortage of health workers in developing countries:

Different EU countries have been actively supporting action to provide social health protection and finance health systemsin developing countries since 2002.

A range of options for joint EU action in this area was as set out in a Social health protection and health-care financing in developing countries (2008) by the EU's French Presidency and the Commission in 2008.

The Commission has also organized a consultation workshop with a broad range of stakeholders from developing countries, EU member states and civil society on 23/24 March 2009 .

Public health challenges

EU action to improve public health in developing countries focuses on:

Funding and support

EU funding is provided through:

The EU also works through key partnerships:

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