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Environment, sustainable management of natural resources

Funding instruments and opportunities

Thematic programme on environment and sustainable management of natural ressources, including energy

Thematic programme

In the context of rationalising and simplifying the current legislative framework governing external actions of the Community under the Financial Perspectives 2007 to 2013, several new instruments have been proposed. Within one of these instruments, the Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI), a thematic programme for the environment and sustainable management of natural resources including energy (ENRTP) will address the environmental dimension of development and other external policies as well as to help promote the European Union’s environmental and energy policies abroad. The ENRTP builds on, and replaces the following budgetlines:

The ENRTP was adopted on 25 January 2006 by the European Commission following a consultation process with the main stakeholders.

A Thematic Strategy, laying down the implementation arrangements for the ENRTP for the period 2007-2010 was adopted by the Commission on 20 June 2007. The preparatory process included a consultation with civil society on the basis of the ENRTP_strategy_consultation_en.doc . See also ENRTP-2007DCI_en.ppt presentation.


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