• Poverty Reduction in Oudomxay Province Lao PDR

    Reducing poverty in remote communities of Oudomxay Province Laos

    The overall objective is to Improve food security, income and health in the poorest villages in Oudomxay province Laos.
  • EU Support to Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity in Laos

    Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity Project

    Infectious diseases do not recognize national borders. The goal of the project was to reduce the social and economic impacts of emerging infectious diseases in Lao PDR and the region.

EU cooperation with Asia, a region of diverse incomes, is at country and regional levels. The bulk of EU funding is allocated to assist sustainable development of the poorest countries including Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia and Myanmar/Burma.

The EU is supporting trade liberalisation and integration spearheaded by regional organisations. In areas such as the environment, energy, climate change and higher education, cooperation with the EU is spreading know-how and informing policies region-wide. Assistance to those uprooted and displaced by natural disasters or conflict are other areas of EU support.