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Name Description Action
B8a Letter of invitation to tender
B8b Instructions to tenderers
B8c Draft contract : Special conditions
B8d Draft contract : General conditions (Annex I)
B8e Draft contract: Terms of reference Fee-based (Annex II)
B8f Draft contract: Terms of reference Global (Annex II)
B8g Draft contract: Organisation & methodology (Annex III)
B8h Draft contract: List and CVs of key experts (Annex IV)
B8i1 Budget for a global-price contract;
B8i2 Budget breakdown for a fee-based contract
B8j1 Bank account notification form
B8j2 Financial guarantee template
B8j3 Legal Entity File (individual)
B8j4 Legal Entity File (private companies)
B8j5 Legal Entity File (public bodies)
B8k Draft contract: Expenditure verification: Terms of Reference and Report of factual Findings (Annex VII)
B8l Administrative compliance grid
B8m1 Evaluation grid (fee based)
B8m2 Evaluation grid (global price)
B8n Tender submission form
B8o Simplified tender dossier (for the competitive negotiated procedure and below)
B8p Tax and Custom arrangements
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