4.3.3. Selection and award criteria

The selection criteria relate to the tenderer's capacity to execute the contract. The selection procedure involves:

  • 1 - eliminating tenderers who are ineligible (see point 2.3.1.) or fall into one of the situations described in sections 2.3.3. and 2.3.5.;

  • 2 - checking that the tenderers' financial situation (financial and economic capacity) is sound; as backed up, for example, by balance sheets and turnover for the previous three years (see point  2.4.11.) if specifically required in the Tender Dossier;

  • 3 - verifying the tenderers' technical and professional capacity, for example by looking at their average annual staffing levels, the size and professional experience of their management and the main services supplied and supplies delivered in the field in question in recent years (see point  2.4.11.).

The selection criteria specified in the annexes to this Practical Guide are given by way of illustration and need to be adapted to the nature, cost and complexity of the contract.

If, for some exceptional reason which the contracting authority considers justified, the tenderer is unable to provide the references required by the contracting authority, it may prove its economic and financial capacity by any other means which the contracting authority considers appropriate. Where the services or products to be supplied are complex or, exceptionally, are required for a special purpose, evidence of technical and professional capacity may be secured by means of a check carried out by the Contracting Authority or on its behalf by a competent official body of the country in which tenderer is established, subject to that body's agreement. Such checks will assess the tenderer's technical capacity and production capacity and, if necessary, its study and research facilities and quality control measures.

Only successful tenderers must supply supporting documents for the selection criteria before the award of the contract (optional for contracts below EUR 300.000, see point 2.4.11.).

The award criterion applied to technically compliant tenders is price or, in exceptional cases mentioned in point given an approval of the derogation by the European Commission, the best value for money.

The criteria should be precise, non-discriminatory and not prejudicial to fair competition. All criteria must be applied as specified in the tender dossier and cannot be changed during the procedure. The technical evaluation will be based on the evaluation grid published in the tender dossier, which must not be changed in any way during the evaluation process. Given the wide variety of supplies and their technical nature, the criteria must be tailored to each tender in a YES/NO format to allow a clear assessment of whether or not the tender meets the technical requirements set out in the tender dossier.