6.7. Restricted call for proposals

The measures applicable to an open call for proposals, as described in section 6.4., apply by analogy to a restricted call for proposals, with the following exceptions.

In a restricted call for proposals, the guidelines for applicants require lead applicants to first submit a concept note.

The administrative checks on the concept notes, and then on the full applications, are made using the relevant checklists.

The guidelines for applicants state that a specific number of lead applicants, based on the available budget, will be invited to submit a final proposal. A list restricted to the published number is drawn up, consisting of the applicants with the best scores for the concept notes, ranked in order. A report is drafted to document the results of the opening session and administrative checks and the concept note evaluation.

The shortlisted lead applicants are then invited in writing to submit a full application. The eligibility checks are only made on the proposals that have been provisionally selected at the end of the evaluation, on the basis of the supporting documents requested by the contracting authority and of the declarations by the lead applicant, according to the rules set out in the guidelines for applicants and within the available budget for the call.

The information assessed on the basis of the concept note may not be changed by the applicants in the full application. The contribution requested from the European Union for the action may not differ from the initial estimate by more than 20 %. Should that requested contribution differ from the initial estimate, the difference between the European Union contribution and the total cost of the action must remain within the limits imposed by the guidelines for applicants.

The minimum period from the publication date of the guidelines for applicants to the deadline for submission of concept notes is 45 days. The minimum period from the dispatch of the letter of invitation to submit the full application to the deadline for submission of proposals is 45 days. In exceptional cases, a derogation may be given for a shorter deadline.