6.3.2. Management Tools


PADOR (Potential Applicant Data Online Registration) is a database on organisations applying for grants which is also intended to improve service to them. It is aimed at non-state actors and local authorities (not individuals) that apply for Union funding through calls for proposals. These organisations can register and update their generic data (i.e. those not specific to a given call for proposals) and upload their supporting documents (for instance statutes or an equivalent document).

Once registered in PADOR, the applicants do not need to fill in the general sections of the Grant Application Form or submit supporting documents, as the data should be in PADOR but they must ensure that the information in PADOR is up to date.

Each call for proposals needs to specify whether prior registration in PADOR is obligatory or not.

For further information, see http://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/tags/pador_en

where you can find:

- PADOR Help Guides for Applicants and Co-Applicants,

- the PADOR Help Guide for Affiliated Entities and

- Frequently Asked Questions.

If PADOR on-line registration is impossible because of technical difficulties, the applicants may submit, together with the application, the PADOR off-line form following the instructions given in the guidelines for applicants

For direct management, in CRIS, there is a Call for Proposals Module available to ease the evaluation procedure. The use of this module is obligatory at least for registering applications. This module will also be used to publish general statistics about the calls for proposals.