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6.5.5. Deadline for submission of proposals

Proposals must be submitted to the contracting authority at the address and, at the very latest, by the date (and time, for hand-delivery) indicated in the call for proposals, as evidenced by the date of dispatch, the postmark or the date of the deposit slip (for hand-delivery, the deadline for receipt is on the date and hour fixed in the guidelines for applicants). However, if accepting concept notes or applications that were submitted on time but arrived late would considerably delay the award procedure or jeopardise decisions already taken and notified, the contracting authority may, for reasons of administrative efficiency, reject any application received after the effective date of approval of the first evaluation step. For an open procedure, this first step is the approval of the concept note evaluation. For a restricted procedure the first step is either the approval of the concept note evaluation (first stage) or the approval of the evaluation of the full application (second stage).

The deadline for submission must be long enough to allow for high-quality proposals. Experience shows that too short a deadline may prevent potential applicants from submitting proposals or cause them to submit incomplete or ill-prepared proposals.

The minimum period between the date of publication of the guidelines for applicants and the deadline for submission of proposals is 90 days for open calls for proposals. Where the maximum size of each grant to be awarded within the programme is EUR 100 000 or less, the minimum period is 60 days. For restricted calls for proposals the minimum period for submission is 45 days. In exceptional cases, a shorter deadline may be allowed as a derogation.

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