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6.5.1. Publicity

In order to ensure the widest possible participation and the requisite transparency, every call for proposals must be accompanied by guidelines for applicants.

The guidelines for applicants are published on the EuropeAid website and in any other appropriate media (other websites, specialised press, local publications, etc.). They should also be available in hard copy from the contracting authority. They should be available in the languages appropriate to the call for proposals.

The European Commission is responsible for publishing the guidelines for applicants on the EuropeAid website. If the contracting authority is not a service of the European Commission headquarters, it must arrange local publication directly at the same time as they are published on the designated website.

Since the cost of publishing the entire guidelines for applicants in the local press might be prohibitive, the template in Annex E2 prescribes the minimum information which is required for local publication. Those guidelines must be available at the address stated in the local publication.

It is also very advisable, after the launch of the call for proposals, to hold one or more information sessions which all the potential applicants can attend. Such information sessions shall take place at the latest 21 days before the deadline for submission of the concept notes. Any presentation/documentation to be delivered in the information session must also be uploaded at least on the EuropeAid website where the call was published. In direct management the dates, locations and presentations for information sessions on global calls for proposals must be coordinated with the European Commission headquarters. The information to be disseminated in all targeted regions must be harmonised in a non-discriminatory way.

If the contracting authority, either on its own initiative or in response to the request of clarification amends information in the call for proposals, a corrigendum with the changes must be published subject to the same publicity conditions as those for the call for proposals. The corrigendum may extend the deadline to allow candidates to take the changes into account.

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