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4.5. Competitive negotiated procedure for contracts under EUR 100 000

The contracting authority may award contracts under EUR 100 000 by competitive negotiated procedure, without publishing the contract notice. The contracting authority draws up a list of at least three firms with a justification for its choice. The candidates are sent a letter of invitation to tender accompanied by a tender dossier. The contract notice is not published, but it is included in the tender dossier as it contains important information for those firms which are invited to tender.

Tenders must reach the contracting authority at the address and by no later than the date and time shown. The chosen candidates must be allowed at least 30 days from the dispatch of the letter of invitation to tender in which to submit their tenders.

The tenders are opened and evaluated by an evaluation committee with the necessary technical and administrative expertise, appointed by the contracting authority.

If, following consultation of the tenderers, the contracting authority receives only one tender that is administratively and technically valid, the contract may be awarded provided that the award criteria are met.

In the event of one failure of the competitive negotiated procedure, the contract may be awarded by negotiated procedure (see point The remainder of the procedure (preparing the tender dossier, evaluating the tenders, awarding the contract, etc.) is the same as under the international open procedure (see points 4.3.2. to

The contracting authority may award supply contracts of a value of EUR 20 000 or less on the basis of a single tender. See point 2.4.8.

For supplies with a value of less than or equal EUR 2 500 the contracting authority may simply pay against invoices without prior acceptance of a tender.

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