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2.4.1. Which procurement procedure to apply?

The applicable standard procedures explained later in this Practical Guide are summarised in the table below. They are divided between those for services (e.g. technical assistance and studies,), supplies (i.e. equipment and materials) and works (i.e. infrastructure and other engineering works). Once the European Commission has approved an activity by adopting a financing decision and, where appropriate, a financing agreement, the contracting authority can proceed with tendering and contracting following these standard procedures. The thresholds given in the table are based on the maximum budget for the contract in question (including any co-financing). Where contracts are subdivided in lots, the value of each lot is taken into account when calculating the overall threshold.

All basic principles must be complied with (including the eligibility, exclusion and selection criteria), regardless of which procedure is used.

Where possible and appropriate in light of the nature of the action, and in line with the Financing Agreement if any, the use of the simplest procedures shall be favoured.

Note that projects must not be split artificially to circumvent the procurement thresholds.

Other procedures can be applied regardless of the thresholds, for instance negotiated procedures on the basis of a single tender - as long as the relevant conditions are met (see points 2.4.6., 2.4.7. and 2.4.8.).


EUR 300 000

International restricted tender procedure

< EUR 300 000 but > EUR 20 000

  • Framework contracts


  • Competitive negotiated procedure

EUR 20 000

Single tender

For service and supply contracts, a payment may be made against invoice without prior acceptance of a tender if the expenditure is ≤EUR 2 500


EUR 300 000

International open tender procedure

< EUR 300 000 but
EUR 100 000

  • Local open tender procedure


  • Frame work contract

<EUR 100 000 but
>  EUR 20 000

  • Competitive negotiated procedure


  • Frame work contract


EUR 5 000 000

  • International open tender procedure


  • International restricted tender procedure

< EUR 5 000 000 but
EUR 300 000

Local open tender procedure

< EUR 300 000
but> EUR 20 000

Competitive negotiated procedure

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