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Name Description Action
E1 Work programme
E2 Local publication
E3a Guidelines for Applicants
E3a1 Information on the tax regime applicable to grant contracts
E3a2 Checklist for simplified cost options
E3b Application form
E3c Budget
E3d Logical Framework
E3e1 Legal Entity File (individual)
E3e2 Legal Entity File (private companies)
E3e3 Legal Entity File (public bodies)
E3f Financial identification form
E3h1 Special conditions
E3h2 General conditions (annex II)
E3h3 Contract-award procedures (annex IV)
E3h4 Request for payment (annex V)
E3h5 Interim narrative report (annex VI)
E3h6 Final narrative report (annex VI)
E3h7 Financial report (annex VI)
E3h8 Expenditure verification (annex VII)
E3h9 Financial guarantee (annex VIII)
E3h10 Transfer of Ownership of Assets
E3h11 Derogations International Organisations
E4a Terms of Reference for Assessors
E4b Guidelines for Assessors
E5a Concept note evaluation grid
E5b Evaluation grid full application form
E6a Evaluation Report Step 1 emdash Opening and & administrative checks and Concept Note Evaluation
E6b Evaluation report Step 2 emdash Full application evaluation
E6c Evaluation report Step 3 emdash Final eligibility checks
E8 Letter to Delegation evaluation
E9a Letter Step 1
E9b Letter Step 2
E9c Letter Step 3
E10 Addendum to contract
E11 Publication of award
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