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Name Beschreibung Aktion
Dr1 Tender dossier for restricted tender procedure
D1 Prior information notice
D2 Contract notice
D3 Summary Contract notice - Local Advertisement
D4a Letter of invitation to tender
D4b Instructions to tenderers
D4c Tender Form
D4d Tender Guarantee
D4e Technical Offer Questionnaire
D4f Technical Offer Form 4.1
D4g Technical Offer Form 4.2
D4h Technical Offer Form 4.3
D4i Technical Offer Form 4.4
D4j1 Bank account notification form
D4j2 Legal Entity File (individual)
D4j3 Legal Entity File (private companies)
D4j4 Legal Entity File (public bodies)
D4k Technical Offer Form 4.6
D4l Administrative Compliance Grid
D4m Evaluation Grid
D4n Draft contract
D4o Draft contract: Special Conditions
D4p Draft contract: General Conditions
D4q Pre-financing Guarantee
D4r Performance Guarantee
D4s Retention Guarantee
D4t Tax and Custom Arrangements
D4u Technical Specifications
D4v Financial Interpretative Note
D4w Financial Offer Lump Sum Contracts
D4x Financial Offer Unit Price Contracts
D4y Design Drawings
D5 Tender opening checklist
D6 Tender opening report
D7 Evaluation report
D8 Letter to unsuccessful tenderers
D8a Notification letter
D9a Contract award notice for international calls
D9b Contract award notice for other procedures
D10 Contractor assessment form
D11 Addendum to contract
D12 Budget modification
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