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Promoting Social Protection in EU development cooperation
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The European Commission is preparing a Communication on Social Protection in EU Development Cooperation which will be adopted in 2012.

This Communication will seek to explain the role of social protection in underpinning inclusive and sustainable development and the role of EU development cooperation in supporting the strengthening of social protection policies and systems.

The Commission has published an Issues paper and a questionnaire and is welcoming contributions from citizens, public authorities and stakeholders in Europe and third countries.

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Social protection in support of inclusive growth

Social protection lies at the heart of European internal policy and is a defining aspect of the European Social Model. The EU is committed to providing adequate and financially sustainable social protection for its citizens. Well designed social protection helps reduce poverty and secure social stability and should be considered as a productive factor which contributes to economic growth, increased productivity and labour market participation. It can therefore be argued that the EU should strengthen its support to social protection in its development cooperation.

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