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EU sets the Strategy for Horn of Africa

The EU Development Ministers have meet in Brussels on 14 November 2011 to discuss the situation in the Horn of Africa and exchange ideas about enhanced EU engagement on sustainable agriculture, food security and rural resilience in the region.


The European Council adopted a strategic framework for the Horn of Africa, which is to guide EU action for greater peace, stability and prosperity in the region. The strategic framework sets out five areas for EU action:

  • building robust and accountable political structures; 
  • contributing to conflict resolution and prevention;
  • mitigating security threats emanating from the region; 
  • promoting economic growth,
  • and supporting regional economic cooperation.

The Strategic Framework, in Annex, sets out the way in which the EU will pursue its strategic approach, working in partnership with the region itself and key international partners."   Read the full document.


Already the largest donor to Somalia, the EU is increasing its development assistance to central, regional and local actors to consolidate a civilian strategy to build stable and accountable governance, improved livelihood opportunities and the provision of basic services. Regions of Somalia such as Puntland, Somaliland, as well as other local actors, including Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama’a, will be further supported by the EU as long as they continue to make progress in providing services, enhancing the Somali reconciliation process, combating Al Shabaab and developing their cooperation with the TFIs and other regional actors. The EU will ensure that its efforts in these regions are coordinated with other international actors.
Read the press release after the Foreign Affaires Council to find out more about discussions.

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