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The EU launches a €126 million programme to fight HIV and tuberculosis in South Africa

14 September 2011 - The EU will invest €126 million in supporting the South African government's efforts to improve access to public health services and to increase the quality of service delivery of primary health care through the district health system.

Sexual and reproductive health in South Africa. Author: Guy Stubbs<>

Primary Health Care Sector Policy Support Programme

Improving access to quality health care services at the most basic level for all, especially the most vulnerable, is a major challenge for South Africa.

The programme will contribute to the government's four key objectives for the South African health sector. These objectives focus on

• Decreasing maternal and child mortality

• Increasing life expectancy; combating HIV and AIDS and

• Decreasing the burden of disease from tuberculosis.

• Strengthening health systems' effectiveness.

Battle against HIV/AIDS

The EU recognises that South Africa faces enormous challenges, especially with the burden of disease caused by HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis and the negative trends in maternal and child mortality.

The EU will continue to support the South African government in its battle against HIV/AIDS. Since 1994 the EU has committed some € 300 million to the South African health sector, chiefly to support primary health care and fight HIV/AIDS.

The EU will provide assistance in developing the new National HIV Strategic Plan and strengthening South Africa's National AIDS Council, especially through direct support from Member States such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Sweden.

The fight against HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis is a major priority for the EU. The EU is the largest contributor to the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, providing more than half of the funding.

The EU also provides substantial funding – close to € 200 million – for health research. Most of the funding is allocated to clinical trials for HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis through the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trial Partnership.

EU fighting HIV/AIDS in the world

Cases studies:

• Comprehensive HIV/AIDS programme in Banceuy narcotics prison, Indonesia.

• Strengthening community responses to HIV/AIDS in Namibia.

• Reducing HIV mother-to-child transmissions in Colombia.

More information

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