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Strengthening the cooperation in the field of drugs policies
second annual conference of COPOLAD

High level officials of National Drug Agencies from Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union will meet in the second annual conference of the Cooperation Programme on drugs policies between Latin America and the EU (COPOLAD) next June 6th and 7th in Brussels.

COPOLAD organises its principal event with the aim to analyse key aspects of drugs policies, both in the field of demand and supply reduction. The two framework interventions will touch upon the effectiveness of alcohol policies and social inclusion strategies from a communitarian perspective. Other issues addressed at the conference will be the role of national drug observatories; environmental prevention as a part of drugs policies and the importance of prevention and research in the field of supply reduction.

Country partners of the COPOLAD Consortium will present the activities undertaken during the first year of the Programme, highlighting the outcomes and working tools developed, together with the actions foreseen in the second year. National contributions from participating countries in both regions will provide interesting information on their current situation in this field. The final aim of the conference is to reinforce the opportunities of exchange and dialogue between Latin America, the Caribbean and the European in order to contribute to the improvement of drugs policies.
COPOLAD is a Programme financed by the European Union with a total budget of € 6.000.000. It was officially launched on 31st January 2011, with a time frame of 42 months. It is carried out by a Consortium integrated by Latin American countries, European Union Member States and several institutions involved as collaborating agencies. Since its initial planning phase, the Programme adopted an approach based on cooperation, partnership, integration and participation of all partners and associates.

The Programme has been organised around four components reflecting its priorities:

1. Consolidation of the European Union-Latin America and the Caribbean Coordination and Cooperation Mechanism on Drugs.
2. Consolidation of the national observatories on drugs
3. Capacity-building in the drug demand reduction.
4. Capacity-building in the drug supply reduction.

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