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EU Neighbourhood Barometer

EU Neighbourhood BarometerDate09/04/2013
ThemeEuropeAid and TNS Opinion Belgium
Speaker1. Intoduction by Mr. Jean-Louis Lavroff, Head of Unit Regional Cooperation Neighbourhood South, DG Development and Cooperation EuropeAid, European Commission; 2. Mr. Pascal Chelala,TNS Opinion Belgium; 3. Mr Philip MIKOS, Head of Unit, Regional Cooperation Neighbourhood East, DG Development and Cooperation EuropeAid, European Commission

Do you know what EU image among citizens in the Neighbourhood partner countries is? How do they feel about the life they lead and how much they are aware about EU cooperation activities?

Neighbourhood Barometer surveys aim at measuring public opinion in all partner countries and territories in the EU Neighbourhood area.

Attend this lunch-time conference to learn more on how Neighbourhood Barometer can provide you with useful information for your daily work.