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Reaching Food and Nutrition Security

Reaching Food and Nutrition SecurityDate07/05/2013
ThemeEuropeAid - Bioversity International
Speaker1. Introduction by: Mr. REY Bernard, Head of Sector for Rural development, Unit C1 Rural development, Food Security and Nutrition DG Development and Cooperation EuropeAid, European Commission 2.

While significant progress has been made in total food production over the last 50 years, we still have close to one billion people suffering from hunger and two billion more suffering from malnutrition. Today, more people die from non-communicable diseases related to an imbalanced diet which is energy rich but nutrient poor than from communicable diseases or from hunger, while the extreme weather events and greater unpredictability of rainfall patterns observed today are increasing the risks.

Greater use of agricultural biodiversity, both different species and intra-specific diversity, can play a significant role in achieving multiple benefits. Examples of successful deployment of diversity in smallholder production systems along with research under way to tackle world issues such as climate change, poverty and malnutrition will be presented.