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What tools can we use to measure corruption?

What tools can we use to measure corruption?Date07/06/2012
ThemeEuropeAid and Transparency International
Speaker1. Petra Hagelstam, Head of Governace sector, DEVCO D1 "Governance, Democracy, Human Rights and Gender", DG Development and Cooperation- Europeaid, European commission; 2. Andy McDevitt, GATEway Coordinator, Transparency International Secretariat, Berlin; 3. Benjamin Norsworthy, EU Policy Officer, Transparency International EU Liaison Office, Brussels

Corruption is estimated to cost annually more than 5% of global GDP, by far exceeding Official Development Assistance.

However, it is notoriously hard to measure. With a database of over 400 corruption assessment tools and a set of topic guides, the EC funded GATEway project which aims to help development practioners make sense of the various methods for measuring and analysing corruption.

The Info Point invites you for a discussion on this new tool.