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How to draw attention to the global economic

How to draw attention to the global economicDate13/02/2012
ThemeDG Development and Cooperation, EuropeAid, EC; Environmental Economics Programme;
Speaker1. Introduction by C. Pasca Palmer, Head of Unit, DEVCO C2 Climate Change, Environment, Natural Resources and Water.DG Development and Cooperation, EuropeAid, EC. ; 2. Ten Brink -Senior Fellow, Head of Environmental Economics Programme and Head of Brussels Office, Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP); 3. Dr Heidi Wittmer, Environmental Politics, Deputy Head of Department, Helmholtz, Centre for Environmental Research, UFZ.

How to integrate values of nature, policy synergies, successful integration of values into policy decisions?

TEEB, the international initiative is one response to these questions ans proposes a road map for mainstreaming the value of the nature.

The conference will be followed by a discussion with the public.