Food Security and Women

Food Security and WomenDate27/07/2011 12:30:00
ThemeDG Development and Cooperation EuropeAid, European Commission; the Solidarité Committee of EC trainees; United Nations; Foodfirst Information and Action Network (FIAN) Belgium
Speaker1. Ms. Chantal Symoens, Head of Sector Unit 'Rural Development, Food Security and Nutrition', DG Development and Cooperation EuropeAid, EC; 2. Ms. Florence Kroff, Coordinator Foodfirst Information and Action Network (FIAN) Belgium; 3. Mr. Olivier De Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food
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Food security is a priority area of the European Consensus on Development.
Improving access to food is a key dimension of the EU’s fight against hunger.
In a world where women are the main producers of food and the number of female headed households is increasing, how can we ensure women's right to food? What is the role of women in food security programmes?
 The Info Point welcomes you to a dialogue on this priority of the EU and the international community, enshrined in the 1st Millennium Development Goal.