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Inclusive ownership in development cooperation : Methodologies for South-South cooperation

Inclusive ownership in development cooperation : Methodologies for South-South cooperationDate24/02/2011
ThemeEuropeAid Development & Cooperation DG and EEPA
Speaker1. Introduction by Angelo Baglio, European Commission, Head of Unit Relations with civil society, central management of thematic budget lines NSA-LA under DCI and Coordination, EuropeAid Development & Cooperation DG; 2. Mirjam van Reisen, Prof. of International Responsability at the Tilburg University, Director Europe External Policy (EEPA), Member of the Social Watch Coordinating and Management Committee; 3. Ziad Abdel Samad, Social Watch & Arab NGO Network; 4. Marianella Feoli, Prof. of International Social Responsability at the University of Costa Rica, Coordinator of Programme South-South cooperation.

The concept of home-grown and inclusive ownership is increasingly recognized as crucial and requires the accountability of government as well as the involvement of different actors from civil society or private sector.

The meeting will present two examples of cooperation led by the South and enhancing South-South cooperation to present a new model promoting inclusive ownership in development cooperation through leadership from the South, and open debate on this issue.