Where do we stand with budget transparency?

Where do we stand with budget transparency?Date27/10/2010 00:00:00
ThemeInfo Point
SpeakerDominique Dellicour, EuropeAid, Vivek Ramkumar, Internationbal Budget Partnership
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Budget processes, policies, and outcomes are key elements conditioning the delivery of basic services to billions of citizens in developing countries.


The Open Budget Survey 2010, conducted by the International Budget Partnership, is a comprehensive survey that evaluates whether central governments give the public access to budget information and opportunities to participate in the budget process. The survey also examines the ability of legislatures and auditors to hold the government accountable.


Forty of the 94 countries in which access to government budget information was carefully evaluated were found to provide such minimal information to the public that the country’s governments are able to hide unpopular, wasteful, and corrupt spending.


The Survey data reveal a strong correlation between a country’s lack of budget transparency and accountability and whether it relies heavily on oil and gas revenue, receives significant amounts of foreign aid, or has an authoritarian government.