Evaluation vietnam

Evaluation vietnamDate20/10/2010 00:00:00
SpeakerSusanne WILLE - EuropeAid - Unit 03
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Evaluation aims at rendering accounts to the public on the results and impacts of activities financed by EC funds and drawing lessons on what has worked and what has succeeded. Evaluation aims to improve management, in particular by taking into account the lessons of past public actions and to reinforce capacity to account for.
EC support to Vietnam was assuredly relevant to country needs and effective in attaining significant
poverty-reduction impacts in areas and among populations benefiting. In moving towards joint
approaches and aligning with the aid effectiveness agenda, efficiency has improved.
The programme was coherent with EC strategic priorities and added value in support for trade, civil society development and governance, and in coordination.
The EC’s engagement in Vietnam was relevant to national needs and coherent with EC
strategic priorities.
The move to greater use of general budget support has been successful.