a search tool to improve information for civil society

a search tool to improve information for civil societyDate09/09/2010 00:00:00
SpeakerPierre Ghislain European Commission EuropeAid Relations with Civil Society
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Are you lost in the tons of pages and websites?
Fed up of looking for information on the net?
Is your search result satisfying, valuable and updated?
Do you want to know really where to find the last version of a document?
EuropeAid wants to improve its relation with the civil society through an easier access to information for everybody, internally and externally,
concerned by the development with NGOs
With a powerful search tool based on the Mediawiki software (Wikipedia),
CiSocH will give you a direct access to the existing information spread on the different relevant websites through concepts (keywords) directly linked to your daily work.
No duplication, no structure, no boring research:
just a direct access to what you are looking for!