The European Commission and Palestine

The European Commission and PalestineDate07/07/2010 00:00:00
SpeakerCatherine LIBERT European Commission Desk Officer for Palestine Michael DOCHERTY European Commission EuropeAid – Geo- Coordinator-Palestine (AIDCO); Lora BORISSOVA Anna-Maria BONNICI European Commission External Relations DG Desk Palestine (RELEX)
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The European Commission is the biggest donor offinancial assistance to the Palestinian people.
The overall objective of the EU is to achieve a democratic, viable, contiguous Palestinian State, living in peace with Israel and its other neighbours. To that end, the European Commission  provides Direct Financial Support to the Palestinian Authority, as well as co-operation in institution-building, and social and economic development. In the circumstances of Palestine, humanitarian aid also represents a significant part of the Commission’s “profile”.
The situation in Gaza is particularly challenging and presents difficult political and operational problems. Nevertheless, the Commission continues to support the people of Gaza in a number o f ways. 
Our 3 colleagues, specialists in the Occupied Palestinian Territory in the European Commission will address the achievements anddifficulties of EU policy in the area and will try to answer to the main questions:
What is effectively the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory?
What is specifically the humanitarian and economic situation in Gaza?
What is the Commission doing about it?  

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