Conservation and sustainable forestry in development

Conservation and sustainable forestry in developmentDate02/06/2010 00:00:00
SpeakerOne EC representative from EuropeAid Unit E6 + Hermes JUSTINIANO, Project Director, Chiquitano Forest Conservation Foundation, Bolivia
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The Chiquitano Forest is rich in natural resources but the local
population remains very poor. The current socio-economic climate and the development of the regional road infrastructure are leading to rapid degradation, further enhanced by the effects of climate change.
The EC contribution of  € 2,1 million (80% of the project)
 for a duration of 5 years have several objectives which will be presented by our guest speaker from Bolivia:
Ø Implement land use planning in the municipalities to maintain the ecological integrity of the forest.
Ø Promote sustainable communal
land use planning for wood and non-wood forest products.
Ø Incentives for the creation of small/medium size businesses to commercialise the forest's natural resources.
ØRevise and contribute to the application of regional, national and international policies and regulations.
ØContribute to the conservation of the forest's biodiversity through protected areas, and strengthen local capacities.