USAID: Public-private partnership for development

USAID: Public-private partnership for developmentDate25/05/2010 00:00:00
SpeakerJan Ten Bloemendal Europ. Commission Europeaid Head of Unit E2 Nancy Wildfeir-Field USAID Global Development Alliances
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US AID’s Global Development Alliances
is an independent federal government agency
that receives overall foreign policy guidance
from the Secretary of State.
Their work supports long-term and equitable economic growth and advances U.S. foreign policy objectives by supporting:
economic growth, agriculture, trade,
global health,
democracy, conflict prevention and
humanitarian assistance.
US AID provide assistance in five regions of the world:
Sub-saharan Africa; Asia; Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, Eurasia and
The Middle East.
This presentation will cover the main following points:
 why and how USAid works? USAid Development and commercial interests?
Why companies Partners? Alliances building roadmap?
Lessons learned and future trends
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