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  • 2015 officially designated as European Year for Development

    On 14 April 2014, the European Union's Foreign Affairs Council gave the green light to designate 2015 as the European Year for Development. The motto of the year will be "Our world, our dignity, our future". Read more

  • European Commission decides to create a Support Group for Ukraine

    This Support Group will provide a focal point, structure, overview and guidance for the Commission's work to support Ukraine. More

  • Mobile laboratory funded by EuropeAid to fight Ebola outbreak in Guinea

    As part of the international response to the current Ebola outbreak in Guinea, WHO and its Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN) have requested lab experts of the European Mobile Lab (EMLab) project to support the Ministry of Health of Guinea. Read more

  • EU-Africa Summit - Nutrition side event

    EU, World Food Programme and UNICEF address issue of malnutrition in Niger during EU-Africa Summit side event. Read the joint article

  • European Year for Development 2015 - Parliament vote

    “I am delighted that the initiative to organise a European Year for Development in 2015 has received widespread inter-institutional support, as shown by yesterday's vote in the European Parliament." Read more

  • Exhibition on EU projects in Pakistan

    The exhibition will highlight EU funded projects in Pakistan that improve young and poor people's skills and help them find employment. It will be launched on 1 April, at 13:45 in the European Parliament at Mezzanine Yehudi Menuhin. Read more

  • EU-UNDP Strategic Partnership

    Read the EU-UNDP Joint statement: "Outcomes of the 10-year review of the Strategic Partnership Agreement between the European Union and the United Nations Development Programme".

  • 21 March – International Day of Forests

    The EU is at the forefront of efforts to tackle deforestation, particularly addressing forest governance and the illegal timber trade. Read more about two innovative approaches to better forest governance worldwide.

Action sur le terrain

Support access to basic electricity services in Guinea Bissau
The enterprise FRES GB was created to install solar home systems, provide technical advice, collect usage fees and sensitize over the use of renewable energy. Rural households and small entreprises will have better access to electricity services.

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