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Public opinion on development policy and aid

The Commission regularly monitors European public opinion on development policy and the EU’s role as aid donor. The surveys consistently show that there is strong support for action at European level in this field.

Recent surveys

Solidarity that spans the globe: Europeans and development aid
Special Eurobarometer, October 2012

The EU and its Member States continue to be the world's largest donor of development assistance. As the world is evolving, so, too, are the development challenges which the international community faces. This survey measures the attitudes of the European public towards development cooperation. It covers general perceptions of Europeans towards development aid, their views of the future of aid and on which areas and countries it should focus. The survey also analyses how private companies operating in developing countries are perceived and the willingness of individuals to take action to help people in those countries.

Access to energy for people in developing countries
Flash Eurobarometer, June 2012

Europeans think that access to energy is an important precondition for overcoming poverty in developing countries. The Flash Eurobarometer "Energy for All - EU support for developing countries" reveals that a large majority of EU citizens believe that Europe should assist people in the developing world in their efforts to gain access to energy. The survey also tested Europeans' views on what types of energy sources should be given preference or what areas of a person's life are particularly affected if there is no access to energy.

Making a difference in the world: Europeans and the future of development aid
Special Eurobarometer, November 2011

A majority of Europeans said they believed that development aid was important, with most respondents thinking of sub-Saharan Africa as the part of the world most in need of development aid to fight poverty. Trade, finance and peace building were considered key policy areas in this context.

Most Europeans said the EU’s commitment to increasing aid to developing countries should be kept or increased further.

Climate change
Special Eurobarometer, October 2011

The survey revealed that poverty, hunger and lack of drinking water remained the priority concern for most citizens across Europe, ahead of climate change and the economic situation.

The EU and Africa: Working towards closer partnership
Special Eurobarometer, November 2010

Focusing on EU-Africa relations, the poll identified the areas seen as key to cooperation between the two blocks: tackling poverty, endorsing peace and security and promoting human rights. This was consistent with the primary EU development policy goal of eradicating poverty.

Europeans, development aid and the Millennium Development Goals
Special Eurobarometer
, September 2010

The survey revealed strong support for EU cooperation: three-quarters of Europeans believed that there was added value in EU countries working together to help developing countries. Poverty was named as the number one problem in the developing world, along with the priorities of the Millennium Development Goals.

Development Aid in times of economic turmoil
Special Eurobarometer, October 2009

The survey measured the impact of the economic crisis on public opinion regarding development aid. It revealed that support for development cooperation remained high. Europeans said they believed it would bring added value if the EU took on an even more important role in the international debate on development.

Europeans and Development Aid
Special Eurobarometer, June 2007

The survey conducted on the eve of the mid-term date for achieving the Millennium Development Goals showed broad public support for the priorities set out by the EU to achieve them.

Attitudes towards Development Aid
Special Eurobarometer, February 2005

The first Eurobarometer poll to cover 25 Member States indicated that the European public expected the EU to play a central role in development cooperation, especially in Africa.

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