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Migration and asylum thematic programme

The thematic programme for cooperation with third countries in the areas of migration and asylum aims to support third countries in their efforts to ensure better management of migratory flows in all their dimensions. The programme is the successor to the 2004-2006 AENEAS programme, its legal basis is Article 16 of the EU Regulation establishing the Development Co-operation Instrument within the framework of the 2007-2013 Financial Perspectives.

What does it cover?

The thematic programme doesn't directly address the root causes of migration but puts the emphasis on capacity building in countries of origin, transit and encourage cooperation initiatives to develop and share experience, working methods and best practices regarding various aspects of migration. To achieve its main objective, the programme focuses on the following areas :

  • Fostering the links between migration and development,
  • Promoting well-managed labour migration,
  • Fighting illegal immigration and facilitating the readmission of illegal immigrants,
  • Protecting migrants against exploitation and exclusion and supporting the fight against trafficking in humain beings,
  • Promoting asylum, international protection and the protection of the stateless persons.

This programme is funded from the EU Budget and is addressed to all the countries covered by the ENPI (Mediterranean and Eastern Europe), the DCI (Asia and Latin America) and the EDF (ACP countries).

The Thematic Programme has been implementing since 2007 and, as foreseen in its legal basis, a Mid-Term review has carried out in order to define the programme's multi-annual strategy for the period 2011-2013. The programme matches thematic objectives with the following specific geographic priorities which stand for the regions of origin and transit of most of the migratory flows towards the EU:

•the South – Southern Mediterranean (Northern Africa), Sub-Saharan Africa and Middle East,
•the East - Eastern Europe (including the southern Caucasus) and Central Asia,
•Other regions (South, Southeast and East Asia, Pacific, Latin America and Caribbean).

How much money is available?

The programme is intended to run for seven years and it covers the period 2007-2013 with a budget of around €384 million. The indicative budget for 2011-2013 is €179 million, allocated as follows:

•Southen Mediterranean, Sub-Saharan Africa and Middle East: €68 million
•Eastern Europe and Central Asia: €28 million
•Other regions: €18 million
•Targeted thematic priorities: €53 million
•Special Measures: €12 million

The bulk of projects funded from the thematic programme stem from project proposals submitted in the context of calls for proposals. In addition to the thematic programme, it finances some targeted projects aimed at funding EC actions, for which the implementation organization is in a monopoly position for that particular type of action;  Annual Action Programmes (AAPs) are developed in order to define on an annual basis the precise thematic and geographical areas of intervention, objectives, type of actions and expected outputs.

Who is eligible for funding?

All the third countries covered by the ENPI, the DCI and the EDF are eligible in the programme. However, priority is given to the EU neighbouring countries, as provided by the art. 38 of the DCI Regulation.

In case of call for proposals and tenders: each of them will specify in related documents the eligibility criteria for that specific call or tender.

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