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Evaluations by instrument / channel

These type of evaluations cover the instruments used to deliver the aid as for example global funds, budget support, sector wide approach, etc. and the channel by which the aid is delivered to the beneficiaries as for example the administration in the partner country, the non-governmental organisations, the agencies of the United Nations, the World Bank and other development banks, etc...


A click on the checkmark behind the instrument/channel name gives access to the evaluation report.




201120122013  2014
General Budget Support X      
Budget Support - Mali    X   
Budget Support - Mozambique                       X 
Budget Support - South Africa        X  
Budget Support - Tanzania        X 
Budget Support - Tunisia    X   
Civil Society X       
Council of Europe     X    
Development Banks and EIB X      
Investment Facility and EIB (Mid-term)   X    
Legal Instruments      X    
Delivering Aid through the United Nations (UN) X      
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