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Results Oriented Monitoring

The results-oriented monitoring (ROM) system is a review tool for projects and programmes which provides recommendations for improvement and an overview of EuropeAid's portfolio's quality. The main question is: are projects and programmes of sufficient quality to ensure delivery of the intended results?

Results-oriented monitoring (ROM)

The results-oriented monitoring (ROM) is based on short, focused on-site assessments by independent experts of projects and programmes which are appraised – using a highly structured and consistent methodology – against the criteria: relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, potential impact and likely sustainability. ROM is used as an alternative and/or complement to full blown evaluations when a quick, external perspective can help improve performance. Thanks to a simple scoring system ROM gives a simple appreciation of a project's quality, highlights shortfalls and enables DEVCO to have an overview of the quality of its development cooperation portfolio.

For each project, a short report provides the overall assessment, along with relevant explanations and recommendations for quality improvements.

The Commission reviews ongoing projects that have already seen six months of implementation and that run for a further six months. They must also be a certain minimum size to undergo ROM assessment, equivalent to an EU contribution of about €1 million. For projects funded below this amount, a sample of 10% is assessed.

For more information, see the following document:

- Information brochure on Results-Oriented Monitoring (ROM) system pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] español (es) français (fr)

Since the end of 2011, an informal EU Expert Group on Results has been working on results reporting, through discussions on case studies from EU member states in order to share experiences on results, results based aid, and results and accountability. Work is ongoing on making operational proposals for an EU common approach towards results.

Comprehensive coverage

In the past few years, ROM has covered all regions and nearly all countries that fall under the Commission’s external co-operation activities, annually providing approximately 1 600 reports on 1 400 ongoing projects and programmes with a total value of nearly €10 billion. In addition, ROM is being extended to examine projects after the Commission funding period has ended. It will also now be used to look at Commission programmes that support sector approaches.

Synthesis reports on the findings and conclusions of the system can be accessed under:

2010 pdf - 249 KB [249 KB] 2009 pdf - 301 KB [301 KB] 2008 pdf - 35 KB [35 KB] 2007 pdf - 80 KB [80 KB]
2006 pdf - 82 KB [82 KB] 2005 pdf - 50 KB [50 KB] 2004 pdf - 83 KB [83 KB]  2003 pdf - 45 KB [45 KB]



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