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IV High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness

What is the IV High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness about?

Busan logoThe Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF-4) took place in Busan, South Korea, from 29 November to 1 December 2011. It was a continuation in a series of High Level Forums on Aid Effectiveness that started in Rome (2003) and continued in Paris (2005) and Accra (2008).

The HLF-4 drew numerous participants from over 160 governments, international organizations, and civil society organizations as well as the private sector. The Forum:

• Assessed global progress in improving the quality of aid against the agreed commitments;

• Shared global experiences in delivering the best results; and,

• Agreed on a Busan Outcome Document to further enhance efforts globally and within countries to make aid more effective in reducing poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

The main elements of the Busan outcome document are: i) shared principles for global partnership, ii) deepened and focused aid effectiveness commitments, iii) commitments to strengthen development effectiveness, and iv) framework for future inclusive Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation, including monitoring framework of selective and relevant indicators. Busan Outcome document: EN , FR .

EU's contribution to the HLF-4

The EU and its Member States are the biggest global provider of Official Development Assistance (ODA). Since the EU has also been one of the leading players in aid reform, it is important that the EU continues this role by ensuring that future aid effectiveness work remains focused and ambitious to strengthen development results. Preparing for the HLF IV, the Commission proposed an  EU Common Position on Aid Effectiveness  based on which the Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) on 14 November 2011 adopted a Common Position for Busan

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