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Last updated: 18/08/2005

Evaluation tools



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Evaluation tools
• What type of tools?
• When to use which

• Which combination
of tools?

• What specific
constraints and

• Check list for the
tool's implementation


What type of tools?
  • The evaluation's four functions
  • Importance of the documentary stage
  • Presentation of the tools
  • Absence of statistical tools
  • Rules for the methodology's application
When to use which tools?
  • The tools and the evaluation's four stages
  • Polyvalent nature of the tools
  • Selection criteria for the tools
  • Development of a homogeneous methodology
  • Analysis of the tools
What combination of tools?
  • The combination rationale
  • The tools' frequency of use
  • Example of combination
What specific constraints and requirement?
  • Possible limitations
  • Prerequisites
Check list for the tool's implementation
  • Check list dedicated to the evaluation team
  • Check list dedicated to contract managers
List of the tools

Toolbox and directions for use

The aim of the evaluation is to produce operational recommendations supported by solid conclusions which are based on clear judgement criteria, solid and concrete information and rational argumentation.
Conclusions and recommendations are a means of discusssing about the programmes or policies with their authors and the operators involved. They must result from a rigorous process (the expert's own point of view is insufficient).
The development of a rigorous ad hoc methodology and the use of appropriate tools are the crucial components of this process. This website presents a series of evaluation tools and directions for use of the toolbox which:

  • Integrates the tools within the evaluation's methodology
  • Presents selection criteria for the tools
  • Gives guidance on an appropriate combination of tools