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Last updated: 09/11/2005

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What is this?

Assessing the quality of an evaluation is a multifaceted task. The commissioning body and the stakeholders are in the best position to assess whether their needs have been treated impartially. The experts and those who implement the intervention are in a good position for assessing the relevance of data collected and the fairness of interpretations. It is the evaluation manager's role to assure that the evaluation has sound methodological and factual bases. The manager receives a quality assurance support if he/she lacks training or experience.

Who can play this role?

Within the EC headquarter Evaluation Unit, managers have the required training and skills to assess the methodological quality of reports. All evaluations are monitored by two members of the Unit, both of whom participate in quality assessment.

In the case of devolved evaluations, the manager uses the quality criteria proposed by this site as well as the indications given to fill out the quality assessment grid, if necessary with the help of the Evaluation Unit.

The Evaluation Unit can perform cross-cutting quality assessments autonomously.