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Last updated: 16/12/2005

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Who is this?

The evaluation manager is a member of the service in charge of the evaluation. He/she manages the entire evaluation process, from A to Z on behalf of the commissioning body.

Why appoint an evaluation manager?
  • To ensure consistency throughout the evaluation process, from the terms of reference to the dissemination of the report and the follow-up of recommendations.
  • To be the contact person for administrative issues and to coordinate the activity of the different actors (reference group and evaluation team).
  • To organise, supervise and assess the quality of the different phases of the work.
  • To ensure the smooth running of the evaluation.
What does he / she do?
  • He / she forms the reference group after consulting the heads of the services concerned.
  • He / she drafts the terms of reference after consulting the reference group members.
  • He / she engages the external evaluation team after consulting the reference group.
  • He / she helps the evaluation team to get access to information and informants.
  • He / she organises the discussion and approval of conclusions and recommendations in interaction with the reference group and the evaluation team.
  • He / she performs a methodological quality assessment of the reports, double checked by a second person.
  • He / she disseminates the evaluation to the different actors concerned.
  • He / she monitors whether the recommendations are taken into account in interaction with the authorities concerned.
  • Appoint a deputy to help the evaluation manager on a daily basis and to stand in when he/she is absent.
  • Appoint an evaluation manager who knows both his/her institution and the evaluation methods.
  • Ensure that the evaluation manager is not too close to the managers of the evaluated intervention.