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Last updated: 07/03/2006



Geographic and thematic evaluations


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These guidelines apply to a set of actions at country-level, regional-level or global-level. The assessed actions are part of a policy or strategy which generally implies various instruments, a range of different target groups, and aiming to achieve a variety of objectives.

Geographic evaluation

  • Evaluation of all EC support to a country, including the specific assistance strategy or strategies for the country and their implementation.
  • Evaluation of all EC support to a region, including the specific assistance strategy or strategies for the region and, possibly, the specific international agreements applying to the region.

Thematic and other evaluations

Evaluation at a global level, at a regional level or at a country level in one of the following cases:

  • Evaluation of aid related to a theme (e.g.: environment, good governance).
  • Evaluation of another policy area (e.g.: fishing policy) from the point of view of its impact on development or evaluation of several policies' combined effects (policy mix).
  • Evaluation of assistance to a sector (e.g.: transportation, health).
  • Evaluation of an instrument (e.g.: cooperation agreement) or of a disbursement channel for the assistance (e.g.: support to NGOs).

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