Further details on direct management

Where the Commission implements the action in direct management, all budget-implementation tasks are performed directly by its departments either at Headquarters or in EU Delegations (to that end, a sub-delegation has been granted to any Head of Delegation pursuant to Article 56(2) FR). The relevant EU service then becomes the Contracting Authority in charge of procedures and of signing and managing the contracts with contractors and grant beneficiaries and with the partner countries in case of budget support.

The Budget or EDF is also managed directly when the action is implemented by an executive agency which is an entity established in accordance with Council Regulation (EC) No 58/2003 (OJ L 11, 16.1.2003) with a view to being entrusted with certain budget-implementation tasks relating to the management of one or more programmes. These agencies are set up for a fixed period. Their location has to be at the seat of the Commission (Brussels or Luxembourg). In the area of Development and Neighbourhood policies, this concerns various types of mobility actions (e.g. exchanges and stays abroad of students or researchers) managed by the EAC Executive Agency.

Further, the following activities are carried out in direct management:

  • support for debt relief1

  • support for short-term fluctuations in export earnings2;

  • contracts concluded by the Commission for and on behalf of one or more ACP States and OCTs, in particular the conclusion and use of the framework contract for beneficiaries;

  • specific contracts concluded under the framework contract with the Commission for audit and evaluation.

  • resources reserved for expenditure linked to programming and implementation by the Commission.

1 Support for debt relief is governed by Articles 60 and 66 of the Cotonou Agreement.
2 Support for short-term fluctuations in export earnings is governed by Articles 60, 61 and 68 of the Cotonou Agreement.