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List of Annexes

Delegated Cooperation, Cooperation with partner countries and with international organisations, Co-financing and Management Modes
 Delegated cooperation and co-financing 
C1aAssessment Sheet - Delegated Cooperation - Indirect Management with a MS/3rd country authority (annex 3)c1a_assessment_request_da_en.pdf
C1bAssessment Sheet - Delegated Cooperation - Transfer Agreement (annex 5)c1b_assessment_request_ta_en.pdf
 Transfer agreement 
C2aTransfer Agreement: Special conditionsc2a_transfer_agr_sc_en.doc
C2bTransfer Agreement: General conditions (annex II)c2b_transfer_agr_gc_en.pdf
 Financing Agreement 
C3aFinancing Agreement - Special Conditions (Budget and EDF)c3a_financing_agr_bud_edf_sc_en.doc
C3bFinancing Agreement - Annex II - General Conditions (Budget and EDF)c3b_financing_agr_gc_en.pdf
C3cFinancing Agreement - Annex III - Reportc3c_financing_agr_report_en.xls
C3dFinancing Agreement - Annex IV - Management Declarationc3d_financing_agr_manag_decl_en.doc
 Contribution Agreement (International Organisations) 
C4aContribution Agreement - Special Conditionsc4a_contribution_agr_sp_en.doc
C4bContribution Agreement: General Conditions (annex II)c4b_contribution_agr_gc_en.pdf
C4cContribution Agreement: Financial identification form (annex IV)c4c_contribution_agr_fif_en.pdf
C4dContribution Agreement - Payment request (annex V)c4d_contribution_agr_request_en.doc
C4eTemplate for One UN, Multi Partner Trust Funds (MPTF) and Joint Programming (JP)c4e_contribution_agr_mdtf_jp_oneun_en.doc
 Administration Agreement (World Bank) (only in English) 
C5aAdministration Agreement (attachment 1)
C5bAdministration Agreement- General Conditions - annex II (attachment 2)c5b_administration_agr_gc_attachment_2_en.pdf
C5cAdministration Agreement - Payment requestc5c_administration_agr_request_en.pdf
C5dAgreement on the verification clause (attachment 3)c5d_verification_attachment_3_en.pdf
C5eAgreement on visibility and participation (attachment 4)c5e_visibility_attachment_4_en.pdf
 Indirect Management Delegation Agreement (IMDA) 
C8aIMDA - Special conditionsc8a_imda_sc_en.doc
C8bIMDA - General conditionsc8b_imda_gc_en.pdf
C8cIMDA - Financial Identification Formc8c_imda_agr_fif_en.pdf
C8dIMDA - Request for Paymentc8d_imda_agr_request_en.doc
C8eIMDA - Management Declarationc8e_imda_manage_decl_en.doc
C8fCommunication of information to the central exclusion database (annex V)c8f_comm_database_en.pdf
C8gArrangements for Management Declarations and Audit or Control Opinionsc8g_arrang_manag_decl_opinions_en.doc

The implementation of grant contracts - A Users' Guide
S1The implementation of grant contracts - A Users' Guides1_users_guide_grants_en.pdf

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