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19.2.8. Article 8 - Evaluation/monitoring of the action

Text of the Article


8.1. If the European Commission carries out an interim or ex post evaluation or a monitoring mission, the Coordinator shall undertake to provide it and/or the persons authorised by it with any document or information which will assist with the evaluation or monitoring mission, and grant them the access rights described in Article 16.

The Beneficiary(ies) shall provide access to the European Commission or its external monitors to any documents or information relating to the Action. This can also be requested after the end of the implementation period.

8.2. If either the Beneficiary(ies) or the European Commission carries out or commissions an evaluation in the course of the Action, it shall provide the other with a copy of the evaluation report.

All mid-term and final evaluation reports produced by the Beneficiary(ies) throughout the Action have to be shared with the European Commission.

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