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Annual Growth Survey 2011

Europe has a comprehensive plan to respond to the crisis and to speed up Europe's economic growth. It now needs to focus its efforts in a coordinated manner and with an eye on priorities. The Annual Growth Survey charts a clear direction on where Europe should be heading in the next year and is the start of the first "European Semester" which changes the way governments shape their economic and fiscal policies.

In the main Communication the Commission focuses on an integrated approach to recovery concentrating on key measures in the context of Europe 2020 and encompassing three main areas:

  • The need for rigorous fiscal consolidation for enhancing macroeconomic stability
  • Structural reforms for higher employment
  • And growth enhancing measures

The Commission highlights ten actions that can be grouped under three main areas:

  • Fundamental Prerequisites for Growth:
    1. Implementing a rigorous fiscal consolidation
    2. Correcting macroeconomic imbalances
    3. Ensuring stability of the financial sector
  • Mobilising Labour Markets, Creating Job Opportunities:
    1. Making work more attractive
    2. Reforming pension systems
    3. Getting the unemployed back to work
    4. Balancing security and flexibility
  • Frontloading Growth:
    1. Tapping the potential of the Single Market
    2. Attracting private capital to finance growth
    3. Creating cost-effective access to energy

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