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Europe 2020 in Slovenia

Economic situation and outlook

In 2014, the Slovenian economy rebounded strongly after a cumulative decline of more than 9% between 2008 and 2013, and real GDP is estimated to have grown in 2014 and to continue growing in 2015 and 2016. Growth has been predominantly export-driven but domestic demand has also begun to recover. The recovery in investment expenditure has been driven mainly by infrastructure construction financed through EU funds, while private sector investment remains subdued. Slovenia has regained export market share since 2013 and the current account surplus widened. The unemployment rate remains below the EU average, and is expected to decline further. Public debt is forecast to increase gradually in the medium term.

In-depth economic review 2015

Slovenia is experiencing macroeconomic imbalances, which require decisive policy action and specific monitoring. The rebalancing is ongoing and overall decisive policy actions, improved export performance and growth conditions have reduced risks compared to last year, in particular those linked to external sustainability. However, weak corporate governance, a high level of state ownership, a still high corporate leverage, and an increasing public debt pose risks for financial stability and growth and warrant close attention. The imbalances are therefore no longer considered as excessive but continue to deserve close attention, enabling the Commission to deescalate the Macroeconomic Imbalances Procedure in February 2015.

Read a complete analysis of Slovenia's economy in the country report 2015 pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] slovenščina (sl)

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2015 recommendations in brief

The Commission has made four country-specific recommendations to Slovenia to help it improve its economic performance. These are in the areas of: public finances, pensions and health; labour market and wage-setting; financial sector and SMEs; justice system.



European Semester Documents for Slovenia