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The Euraxess Tour 2015
  • BREAKING NEWS ! Innovative and interdisciplinary scientific eyes on the refugee crisis

    01 JAN 2000

    Young Academies can and should contribute to addressing the refugee
    crisis. We have the capacity to bring together experts, from a range of
    disciplines and countries, and to collaborate to support and inform the
    development of creative and innovative approaches to the crisis.
    Involving experts from Europe, including the Balkan countries, (former)
    countries of conflict, and neighboring countries, will allow for the
    inclusion and exchange of local experience and insight.
    We will develop a vision document that is based on the latest evidence,
    to provide policy makers and committed citizens with information and
    potential approaches to address various aspects of the current refugee
    crisis. We intend to provoke an active and nuanced dialogue via social
    and traditional media.

    Our specific objectives are to:

    1.     Develop a brief or statement for policy makers and committed
    2.     Liaise with international policy makers to ensure the brief is
    3.     Initiate and encourage a nuanced dialogue about evidence
    regarding the refugee crisis and ways of addressing it;
    4.     Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration among an international
    group of excellent young scientists, including scientists who are

    Expert Meeting 10 & 11 December 2015

    The Global Young Academy and the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences and
    Arts organize a two-day expert meeting to develop the vision document.
    The meeting will include up to 20 young scientists from a wide range of
    disciplines will take place 10-11 December in Amsterdam, and it will be
    hosted at the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts. A professional
    facilitator from the training company KnowInnovation will moderate the
    process. We plan to involve online input from a broad community of young
    scientists around the world, including scientists who are refugees.

    There is a button for Call for participants.

  • Find out how we helped Elisabeth and her family to settle in a new country

    01 JAN 2000

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